We are OptioPay, the leading BAFIN licensed FinAdTech.

We are building the worlds leading financial advertisement technology company by providing personalized and value adding financial campaigns to users based on their bank account data.

Our company, backed by international venture capitalists and banks, is based in Berlin with a talented team of 50 hailing from no less than 23 nations. All possess exceptional drive and strong passion to develop the best Open Banking technology.

We started our journey by creating the first payment solution software for marketing payouts and became an established processor for +40 business clients such as R+V, HDI, AXA, Gothaer and DHL. The product had developed to our Open Banking solution in 2018, offering financial campaigns based on users’ bank account data.

OPTIOPAY Key Management

Marcus Börner


I founded my first company reBuy.com when I was 17 years old. Rebuy became Germany’s Re-commerce leader, raised ~50M€ and now employs over 500 employees, with annual revenues of more than 150M€. Besides rebuy I co-invested in about three dozen companies from many industries. Optimizing rebuy’s payouts by distributing our own gift cards was the initial spark for me to start OptioPay. Together with our wonderful team, I am now driven to unlock the great potential that lies within marketing liquidity & Open Banking. I am inspired by entrepreneurial habits and feel an urge to solve big problems through great customer-centric products and technology.

Oliver Oster


As an admitted lawyer to the Berlin law bar with experience in restructuring, banking and corporate law, I started OptioPay with my childhood friend Marcus in September 2014 after dropping out of the rat race of Frankfurt. Besides my law degree I founded Feedback Fabrik GmbH, an import company focused on goods from China and published several essays and a book about corporate law. Football and sports are next to working at OptioPay my biggest passions. I deeply enjoy working with our great team at OptioPay and trying to change things fundamentally. Disrupting the world with financial data and creating value for people makes me happy.

Nicola Breyer


When building first online finance and e-commerce businesses in 1998, I was told: “no one is ever going to pay online with a credit card”. Fast forward twenty years later, and I am happy to have stuck to my beliefs.
I have always been passionate about building businesses around new, relevant consumer value propositions, from building the first internet companies in financial services in the late 1990s to creating new products and services in the FMCG and media industry, from opening and growing new markets to leading turnaround to digital consumer offerings in traditional companies. I am excited about having a vision and pursuing it, by building business and teams and delivering excellence and results.
Outside of OptioPay, I am an active social impact investor and a mentor to social impact funds and entrepreneurs.

Artashes Torosyan


I wrote my first program when I was 10 years old which drove my passion for technology, kick starting my professional career at the age of 18. Gathering experience in multiple global companies in various positions ranging from developer to CTO, I was managing a team of 50 IT professionals in less than 10 years. Originally from Armenia, I moved to Berlin in 2013 and began working as a CTO in various start-ups including InsurTech, Payment Processing Systems, Art and Collectible Trade and Matchmaking/Dating. I combine technological innovation with disruptive business ideas, thus joining the great OptioPay Team to build and scale the disruptive future of Open Banking.

Our team and office culture

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OptioPay is a Berlin-based FinAdTech company creating payment and open banking solution software. We change the way people receive payments and revolutionize businesses with open banking technology. We are growing and therefore hiring for different departments.


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